You are probably worried about the licenses, the funding, the staffing, buying the equipment, etc. but hey, did you think of a name for your bakery yet? This is one of the first steps to starting a bakery and believe it or not, could be the most important decision.

Your bakery’s name is its first impression on the customers. It has the potential to either create an instant connection or turn them away and thus getting it right can mean everything.

So how to do you choose a name that is funny, resonates with the customers and speaks volumes about your bakery (wow, sounds quite the task). Thankfully, this guide will help you do just that.

How to Choose a Bakery Name - A To Z Guide

How to Choose a Name for Your Bakery

1) Let it speak to the customers

What do you want your customers to think and feel when they hear or see the name of your business? Do you want them to visualize a product?

For example, if your market research results told you that macarons are a big in the area with little to no quality place to deliver them except yours, you would want to pick a name close to it like the Macaron Truck or the Macaron Hub so customers know instantly what to expect.

And if you have done your course from one these baking classes in Delhi, you’ll be able to deliver lip-smacking macarons and much more day in and day out with or without eggs thus increasing your customer base.

Furthermore, also dig deep and check out all the bakery names in and around the area. Make a list of what you like and dislike about the names. This will help you further narrow down the process

2) Get Creative

Okay, the names I mentioned above are too straightforward (clearly not getting any brownie points here) but you do not have to be so boring. Let your creative juices flow. Consider this a brainstorming session with yourself. Note down each and every funny, weird, quirky and serious name that you can think of.

Even get your partner, your parents and friends involved and if you are a social media butterfly (well, who isn’t these days) make your followers a part of it as well as they are your potential customers after all.

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3) Take your time

After your brainstorming session, you have probably got a list of hundreds of potential names. Now, the next step is to trim down the list to the top 3 or 5 contenders. How do you do that?

Well, just ask your self a few simple questions like whether the name is better than your competitors? Is it too long? Can it be spelled and pronounced easily? Will the customer remember it? Is a voice search using Siri, Alexa, etc. able to locate it.

Furthermore, you can take into consideration the feedback given by your social media followers on the potential names. Also, check if the name is available as a domain and social media username.

If a name can check all these boxes, you may have just hit bull’s eye.

4) Turn to online name Generators

If all else fails, the measure of last resort can be an online name generator. Shopify has an excellent brand name generator that gives you tons of different unique names based on your business type and a preferred keyword. Similarly, Oberlo is another efficient tool in this respect.

Few things to keep in mind

  • When choosing a domain, avoid using hyphens or numbers and go with as it makes it difficult for people to search for you. Also, stick to .com as it is more widely used and easy to remember.
  • Get your company name registered at the earliest to protect your business from identity theft.
  • Finding the right name can take months, be patient.
  • Avoid names with geographic locations or product categories if you intend on adding more products or expanding it further.

There’s our guide to name your bakery. If you have got more ideas and tips to share, drop them in the comments section below.