Best Baking Classes and Courses in Delhi for 2020

If you want to start your own bakery, there are 3 skills there no compromising with:

First and foremost, you need to bake like a pro which means it is time to skip those baking videos and get real training

Secondly, to be able to manage your business in and out, you need to understand staffing, pricing of goods, marketing, how to do market research, etc.

Lastly, you need to have the skillset to form your own recipes to woo your customers

But can any baking classes in Delhi teach you all these? Well, here are the best baking courses in Delhi that will turn you into a pro within a few months.

Best Bakery Courses in Delhi

#1: Truffle Nation

If there is one school that covers each and every skillset mentioned above, it is Truffle nation and thus them at #1 comes as little surprise. Here’s what you should know about them.

TruffleNation Rating
The Good
Both professional courses and part-time courses are available
Marketing sessions help you create a brand from selling bread
Located mere 2-3 minutes from the Saket Metro
Training is completely hands-on
Pocket-friendly courses
Get weekend classes as well if needed
The Bad
Smaller batches mean seats run out quickly

The Good

Unlike many other baking schools, at Truffle Nation, you can become a certified baker capable of running their own bakery or home business in just 4-months.


Well, Baker’s Diploma course is tailor-made for just that. Not only do you learn a variety of cookies, celebration cakes, and European bread and Pastry but there are also deep-dive marketing sessions.

In these sessions, you will learn to turn bread into a brand. From setting set up social media pages, running ads on Google, Instagram, Facebook to doing market research and testing products, you’ll turn into the ultimate entrepreneur.

But I don’t want to run a business.

Well, there are courses for hobbyists as well. You can go with Baker’s Essential Course or take up just a single module. For example, learn just chocolate making for less than Rs. 40k in just 9 days.

Irrespective of your course, you also have the option of going eggless or not.

Also, training is completely hands-on which means you learn each and every recipe from scratch. This allows for more detailed learning plus, you get accustomed to the various equipment as well.

And once all that baking and creaming is done, everything you baked is packed into boxes so you share it all with your family and friends.

The school is located at a walkable distance from the Saket metro station (takes a mere minute or two) so traveling should be easy and cheap.

Oh and lastly, all top-performing students also get the chance to intern at Truffle Nation after the Diploma where you get to develop recipes and manage a live kitchen thus further preparing you for the big stage.


Truth be told, there’s not much we can fault here except the fact that their batches are smaller so you need to hurry up when it comes to enrolling for the course.

But on the bright side, these smaller batches mean every student gets personal attention from the trainers who themselves are warm and welcoming so you ask them even the silliest of questions without feeling embarrassed.

#2: Academy of Pastry Arts India

With multiple branches across India, the Academy of Pastry Arts has become one of the leading bakery courses in Delhi. If you live in Gurugram, they are worth checking out and here’s why.

Academy of Pastry Arts India Rating
The Good
Choose between part-time and professional courses
You can opt for weekend classes as well
All training is hands-on
They have award-winning faculty
Missed classes our compensated
The Bad
It is pretty expensive
Marketing is not part of any course

The Good

The standout with this baking school is its faculty. Yup, their award-winning faculty is just the guidance you need to go from never having touched a baking tray to professional baker capable of baking 3-tier cakes.

Further supporting that is the 95% hands-on training and to top it all, once you complete your Diploma you have the opportunity to intern in Malaysia.

But if you do not have the time for full-time classes, weekend short-term courses are also available.

For outstation students, the Academy of Pastry Arts has tied-up with numerous hostels in and around the areas so you can find accommodations on the cheap that are both hygienic and safe.

Furthermore, just like Truffle Nation, any missed classes due to genuine reasons will be compensated for so you do not miss anything important and get the most out of the time and money you spend.

The Downsides

The courses here are on the expensive side. For example, a full-time Diploma course in Pastry Arts can cost you about 4 lacs compared to Rs. 2,75,000 at Truffle Nation.

Also, it isn’t as conveniently located as TruffleNation and does not have any marketing sessions so starting our own business isn’t as seamless.

#3: International Institute of Culinary Arts, New Delhi

In business since 2005 and with a founder that has over 50 years of experience in the industry, IICA has definitely earned its right to be called one of the best bakery courses in Delhi.

IICA Rating
The Good
There are both hobby and professional 1-2-year courses
Learn as you do with hands-on training
100% job assistance for full-time course students
The Bad
Batch sizes are bigger so students don't get the needed attention
Courses are longer than usual
Marketing is not part of the training

The Good

The IICA has multiple branches. One in Delhi and one in Gurugram so interested students can pick one closest to their homes thus making traveling easier.

Courses here range from part-time bakery courses to professional courses with the training being hands-on. Furthermore, the use of high-end machinery and ingredients creates an excellent learning environment for students.

And if you happen to impress during your training in a full-time IICA course, you also get 100% placement assistance. Considering the fact that their students have been placed at prestigious restaurants such as the Maze Grill by Gordon Ramsay, you definitely want to be giving it your all.

The Downsides

One of the few drawbacks of this baking school is that the full-time courses take at least a year which means you spend more time in training than many other aspiring bakers.

There are no marketing sessions and a batch of 18-20 students means not everyone may get the attention they need.

Lastly, you do not have the option of choosing eggless courses.

Best Baking Classes in Delhi: Conclusion

As you can see, Truffle Nation has one of the most detailed courses especially for aspiring bakers that want to run their own business in the future making them hands down the best baking classes in Delhi.

The Academy of Pastry Arts India and IICA are also good alternatives but Truffle Nation combines both detailed learning and cost-effectiveness giving them the edge over other bakery courses.

You can learn all about Truffle Nation Course fees and batch timings on their official website. Seats are limited, so hurry up and enroll ASAP.