Temples in Ganapatipule

The 'swambhu' Ganpati temple is definitely the most prominent temple in Ganpatipule however there are a few temple near Ganpatipule and across the Jaigad creek which are equally frequented by devotees. The 'dasha bhuja' Ganpati temple is one of the very rare Ganpati temples which depit the idol with 10 hands. Guhagar further ahead of Velneshwar is famed as a temple town with scores of temples dedicated to Shiva and Durga strewn across the small town.
Swayambhu Ganpati Temple

Swayambhu Ganapati Temple

The Swayambhu Ganpati Temple, known for its unique Ganapati idol,  is built on the Ganpatipule Beach and opens up to the beautiful beach. The idol of Ganapati here is believed to be 'swayambhu'. The idol of 'mooshak' made out of copper is placed outside the temple. Celebrated as the Paschim Dwar devta the diety is placed in the sanctum sanctorum and at sunrise and sunset a shaft of golden light penetrates and illuminates the idol.
Karhateshwar Temple (15Km)

Karhateshwar Devsthan is situated in the village Nandiwade near the Jaigad Fort. The temple is a wooden structure, built during the regime of Shilaharas on the slopes of the hill by the seashore . A flight of steps leads down to the temple.

Lakshmi Keshwav Temple in Kolisare

Laxmi Keshav Temple

Lakshmi Keshav temple in Kolisare about 22 kms from Ganapatipule, is a beautifully built temple which has been recently renovated. The idol is five feet in height with four hands holding conch (Shankh) chakra, Gada, and Padma (lotus flower). On its right is an eagle

Velneshwar Shiva Temple

Velneshwar about 5 kms ahead has a beautiful little cove of beach tucked between two hillocks however the most prominent attraction of Velneshwar is the Velneshwar Shiva temple built near the beach.
Dashabhuja Ganpati Temple - Hedvi
Dashabhuja Ganpati Temple

This ‘Laxmi – Ganesh Temple’ in Hedvi across the Jaigad creek from Ganpatipule is not only ancient but also very rare. Carved in white stone beleived to be from the Kashmir region the idol is 3 feet high with ten hands, hence the name 'Dashabhuja Ganapati'. While in Hedvi you can also visit  'Bahman Ghal' a rare natural phenomenon where continous gradation of the rocks by the sea has created a gorge about 20 feet deep. The sea water gushes in and a water column rises through this gorge upto 20-30ft!

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