Beaches in Ganpatipule

Ganapatipule Beach

Ganpatipule beach is one of the most beautiful white sand beaches amongst the Konkan beaches. With the Ganapati temple on the shores rendering a peaceful atmosphere, Ganpatipule is as close as you can get to a perfect holiday destination in Konkan. With food stalls horse riding and camel rides Ganpatipule beach has a vibe of leisure written all over it. Alchoholic drinks should be avoided and it is advisable to dress conservatively here.
In Ganpatipule there are secluded beaches right from Jaigad to Ratnagiri seperated from each other by rocky cliffs. The beaches are largely white sand with slight mix of fine black sand in places. The only beach with shops and shacks near by is the Ganpatipule beach near the Ganpatipule temple. The M.T.D.C resort in Ganapatipule is also located right on the beach about 100 mts away from the Ganpatipule temple.

Gaywadi Beach

Malgund or the Gaywadi beach is a long stretch of beach with a mixture of white and black sand. A safe beach for a swim and ideal for a romantic walk on the beach the Gaywadi beach has a small private aquarium near the beach. Water sports is also available at this beach.

Ganpatipule Map

Ganpatipule Tourist Map
Ganapatipule Beach
Ganapatipule Beaches
Ratnagiri (26 Kms)

The drive from Ganpatipule to Ratnagiri by the sea through Bhandarpule Aare and Waare is one of the most beautiful drives that you can undertake in the entire Konkan coast. Ratnagiri the port city famous for its alphonso mangoes also has some beautiful beaches like Mandvi and Bhatye.

Ril Beach near Ganpatipule
There are many beaches on the way to Jaigad from Ganpatipule with the road running parallel to the beach for quite a distance. Ril beach is one of them. A secluded stretch of beach visit this beach if you want to enjoy some solitude away from everything.
Aare - Ware Twin Beaches (8 Km)

The twin Beaches of Aare and ware is on Ganpatipule-Ratnagiri route through Bhandapule. Ware is the first beach that you would come across while travelling from Ganpatipule and Aare is at a distance of a kilometre from here. Both these beaches are very secluded with white sand and the views from certain points up the hill here, especially the sunsetpoint near Aare with sea on three sides is simply breath taking.

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